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Allison Del Vecchio Gagnon

Duncan loves his dog walks. Love seeing the pics. He is so happy! Thank you 🙂

Tara Davies

Love the new pics! The pups all look like they have so much fun with you! Thanks for taking such good care of Murphy 🙂

Jenna Dugan

Thank you so much for watching Bailey this weekend! If he could talk he would most definitely tell me that he had a blast 🙂

Lisa Pozzo Iannella

Hi Katherine! Thank you sooo much for taking such great care of Casey & Lola while we were away. They always come home so happy and playful…until the first morning when they wake up with out you! I can tell they miss playing with all of their vacation friends. We are so lucky to have […]

Jessica Muriel Guevara

Sleepy puppy after a day of daycare! Thanks Larysa for always tiring out our Moose!!!

Lauren Garrett

A big thank you to Kat for walking Bear for the 4 years we lived in Southie. I know he will miss you very much, but will always love you!! ❤️

Donna Penn

FYI, we’re a cat household and just wanted to add my 2 cents that as amazing as Kat is with all you caninecentric folks and your children, she’s extraordinary with our aging, feeble little feline cuties. Kat’s the best!