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Dog Walking Boston

A symbol of a Dog

On-Leash Dog Walking Our leashed Dog Walking services are a fabulous way for your dog/dogs to get their exercise and mental stimulation all at the same time. From the most energetic Labrador to the big lazy Saint Bernard we walk at a pace that your dog is comfortable with. We will keep you updated after […]

Cats and Small Pets

At Kat’s Dog Walking we love to take care of our Cats and Small Pets.  These pets include cats, rabbits, hamsters, birds, iguanas and fish.  When you are away on vacation or business or will be out of the house for a long period of time we will be happy to stop in on your […]


Playgroups 30 Minute Play Groups – Our 30 minute playgroup takes place at a fenced in dog park in South Boston where there is plenty of room for you dog to run all around and play fetch with his friends.  It is a great fit for high energy dogs who need more than just a leash-walk.   He […]

Pet Medication Administration

Pet Medication Administration Have you been holding off on a vacation because you have a sick pet at home and need someone else to carry out the Pet Medication Administration?  Not to Worry! We can give your pets their Medicine. $5 per administration. We are highly experienced in working with sick and elderly animals and […]

Complimentary Client Services

Part of the service of Dog Walking in Boston involves various Complimentary Client Services that clients of Kats Dog Walking can enjoy. It is normal that some clients have to be away on vacation or likewise with work commitments and that your pets need looking after, We like to build up the trust with clients in […]