Mutt Clutch

The Mutt Clutch has you covered! The Mutt Clutch carries it all! It is a miracle bag that easily attaches to your dog’s leash and allows you the freedom to walk your dog without the embarrassment of carrying that bag of dog poop around.

The Mutt Clutch carries it all! It is a miracle bag that easily attaches to your dog’s leash and allows you the freedom to walk your dog without the embarrassment of carrying that bag of dog poop around.

It has a d-ring to secure your keys to, a built in wallet for your Id, debit card & cash if you need to grab something while out on your walk, and a built in pouch to hold fresh poop bags with an easy dispensing slot.

Super Compact

Carry everything at once securely and safely with the Mutt Clutch.
Space for Debit/Credit Cards & ID, Keys, Poop Bags etc.

Odor Absorbing

The Mutt Clutch comes with an odor absorbing charcoal packet that fits nicely into the discreet poop pouch.

Water Resistant

The Mutt Clutch stands up to the elements.  It can be used out in the rain and snow while still keeping your belongings dry.

Machine Washable

Pop the Mutt Clutch into the washing machine and watch it come out sparkling fresh and new again.

The Mutt Clutch is useful in any setting;The beach, hike spots, parks, urban and suburban areas. It offers a variety of ways to conveniently carry it.

Do you like to take your dog to the park to play off-leash? Simply attach the leash hook to the D-ring and wrap the leash over your shoulder cross ways and let the Mutt Clutch hang behind you. Now you are hands free to play fetch and have fun with your dog!

If you prefer not to use a leash at all but still need to hold all your dog walking essentials, hook a carabener to the D-ring and hook the whole thing onto your belt loop. The mutt Clutch is light weight and won’t weigh you down!

Katherine Heatley – Inventor of the Mutt Clutch & CEO of Number 2 Crew

Working as a dog walker and owning a dog walking business for many years, I became aware of difficulty in juggling leashes, my personal belongings, poop bags AND that yucky bag of dog poop all at the same time.

There were bags on the market that helped with holding just some of these items, but none existed that offered to carry everything I needed.

This is where my idea was born. It has made my life as a dog walker and dog mom SO much easier and I know it will make your dog walks much more enjoyable too.