Dog Walker Instagram

As Dog Walker Instagram we maintain a photo image gallery and make it easy to update our website, We want to become the number one Dog walker Instagram account for the Boston area. if you are not using Instagram its fine, you do not need an account to view our images or photos from the Dog Walking trips.  You can use the hashtag #katsdogwalking to tag us in your images.

Living the dream taking care of puppies and kitties #errday 🐕😸🌏 super duper invention coming soon @muttclutch 💫

Dog Walking Products

We will be using the BETA product release of the MUTT CLUTCH™ on our shared Dog Walks in and around South Boston, MA. This is something you better look into if you walk your Dog regularly or walk more than one Dog at any one time. This product is in “KickStarter” Phase at the moment but will go live in 2018. Seen as the “All in one” product for all your Dog walking needs. The Mutt Clutch combines Compact with Clean, Offering space and comfort when walking your Dogs. The Mutt Clutch carries it all! It is a miracle bag that easily attaches to your dog’s leash and allows you the freedom to walk your dog without the embarrassment of carrying that bag of dog poop around.

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